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Something about laser cutting machine prices

发布:2015-06-12  阅读:3649

What is the price of a laser cutting machine? Many clients want to know price of the 
laser cutting machine, then let me to tell you  the price and how to choose a right laser
cutting machine.
    Firstly, you should know what is your max working area, Hengfeng laser has any models as 
long as the client requests, but our normal models are ST40GU, ST3060GU, ST4060,ST60906, ST90120,ST1325 and so on,the model is classified by the working area,for example,the ST1290 is 1200*900mm
   Secondly, if you want to know the laser cutting machine prices, you also should know what
 is the max thickness, so that we can adviseyou the right laser tube, the laser tubes of Hengfeng Laser are 40W, 60w, 80W, 100w, 130W, 150W and so on. For example, the 40W is mainly for engraving,it only can cut on 2-3mm acrylic, but the 150W can cut on nearly 30mm acrylic.
      Thirdly, we can quote the laser cutting machine prices after knowing whether you need to 
engrave on cylinder, like the bottle, cup, pen and so on, if yes, you also need to select the 
up&down working table and rotary clamp. AOL laser has the rotary clamp of diameter are 80mm,
100mm, 150mm, 200mm.
  After telling us the above mainly three points, we will give you the laser cutting machine 
prices immediately. AOL laser wishes you a happy shopping.