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40W laser rubber stamp machine


Detials for  laser rubber stamp  machine



1. Model: ST40GU rubber stamp laser engraving machine


2. stamp laser engraving machine Applicable Materials:


Various non-metal materials.Such as rubber ,fabric ,crystal,wood,plastic etc.


3. stamp laser engraving machine



 Applicable industry:


A. Mainly used for engraving of non-metal material:ox horns,wood,organic glass,atomic materials,crystal,bowlder,etc..


B. Applying for processing of small-width artistic products.For the engraving of patterns and


characters on double-color planks,wood board,bamboo piece,organic glass plank and cloth.The patterns and characters engraved are real to life and pleasing to the eye.


C. For the engraving of titles,types,signs,patterns etc. on electronic parts,which will last for long time.










Standard AccessoriesFan and Exhausting pipe, Power cable, USB cable, Lamp, Water pump, Dual red dot pointer, Software and Dongle, Keys for machine


Spare Parts RecommendedLaser tube, Reflection lens and Focus lens


Warranty24 Months for machine (3 months for laser tube and mirrors and lens)